Money and Currency manipulation in Clojure

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A money and currency manipulation library for Clojure

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Add the following to your project.clj

[bux "0.2.1"]


(use 'bux.currency)

Create a custom currency using create-currency:

(create-currency {:symbol "★", :name "Super points", :iso-code "super-points"})
=> #bux.currency.Currency{:iso-code "super-points", :name "Super points", :symbol "★", :subunit nil, :symbol-first nil, :html-entity nil, :iso-numeric nil, :decimal-points nil, :priority nil}

Load up predefined currencies:

(use 'bux.currencies)

This adds all current national currencies to the bux.currencies namespace using the ISO code as the symbol.

=> #bux.currency.Currency{:iso-code "USD", :name "United States Dollar", :symbol "$", :subunit "Cent",  :symbol-first true, :html-entity "$", :iso-numeric "840", :priority 1}

Based on current locale it places the default currency in $

=> #bux.currency.Currency{:iso-code "USD", :name "United States Dollar", :symbol "$", :subunit "Cent",  :symbol-first true, :html-entity "$", :iso-numeric "840", :priority 1}

The var bux.currencies/$ is dynamically bindable so you could bind a different value to it for different users in a ring request.

Note currency list lifted from Ruby Money


Money is basically BigDecimals set at the scale required for the currency.

To create a proper BigDecimal from either string or number use the currency as a function:

(USD 1.23)
=> 1.23M

(USD 1.234M)
=> 1.23M

(USD "$1.23")
=> 1.23M

Or using the default currency:

($ 1.23)
=> 1.23M

($ 1.234M)
=> 1.23M

($ "$1.23")
=> 1.23M

To format it without a symbol just use clojure's built in str function

(str (USD 1.23))
=> "1.00"

To format it with a symbol use the str$ function:

(str$ USD 1.23M)
=> "$1.23"

Parse strings directly:

(parse$ USD "$1,123.00")
=> 1123.00M


(use 'bux.calc)

These can use the precision of a currency and take an optional currency parameter for calculating with correct precission.


(pct 1.23M 10)
=> 0.12M

(pct USD 1.231M 10)
=> 0.12M

With Percentage (can be used for including sales tax, commissions etc.):

(pct+ 1.23M 10)
=> 1.35M

(pct+ USD 1.23M 10)
=> 1.35M

Percentage discount:

(pct- 1.23M 10)
=> 1.11<

(pct- USD 1.23M 10)
=> 1.11M


Copyright (C) 2012 Pelle Braendgaard http://stakeventures.com

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.